Transistor 2n5551 equivalent datasheet

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Transistor 2n5551 equivalent datasheet

E ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATING ( TA= 25° C, unless otherwise specified. 2N4401 General Purpose Transistors. NPN high- voltage transistors 2N5550; 2N5551 DATA SHEET STATUS Notes 1. 2SB834 D880 Equivalent NPN Transistors. 2N2222 Low Power Bipolar Transistors Page 1 06/ 04/ 06 V1. The product status of the device( s) described in this data sheet may have changed since this data sheet was published. ) PARAMETER SYMBOL RATINGS UNIT Collector- Base Voltage VCBO- 30 V Collector- Emitter Voltage VCEO- 20 V Emitter- Base Voltage VEBO- 5 V Collector Current IC- 700 mA. • Switching Linear application DC VHF Amplifier applications. Note: Complete Technical Details can be found at the D880 datasheet given at the end of this page.  2N5401HR Hi- Rel PNP bipolar transistor 150 V, 0. 0 ns * Total shunt capacitance of test jig connectors . Please refer to the Device Datasheet for an image of the part case and material composition information. Please consult the most recently issued data sheet before initiating or completing a design. 2n5551 transistor Pdf Download.

tw QW- R201- 014. 2N5401 Datasheet Equivalent Cross Reference Search. , LTD 2 of 4 www. BGMicro Electronics - Parts Kits, Surplus, Projects, DIY Hobby. SWITCHING TIME EQUIVALENT TEST CIRCUITS Scope rise time < equivalent 4. NTE152 BD241, SC1826 Alternative Amplifier Transistors. D880 Equivalent PNP Transistor.

5 A Datasheet - production data Features 3 BVCEO 150 V 1 1. KSA1220 2N5551, BD136, S8550 TIP32C Overview of D880 Transistor. The image for CP316V- 2N5551 is currently unavailable. Abstract: diodes inc 2N5551 2N5551 transistor 2n5550 2N5551 diodes inc str 6707 datasheet equivalent PO 903 2N5400 2N5401 2N5550. 2N5550, 2N5551 Preferred Device Amplifier Transistors NPN Silicon Features • These are Pb− Free Devices* MAXIMUM RATINGS Rating Symbol Value Unit Collector − Emitter Voltage 2N5550 2N5551 VCEOVdc Collector − Base Voltage 2N5550 2N5551 VCBOVdc Emitter − equivalent Base Voltage VEBO 6. mp1620 transistor equivalent equivalent Download. 0 Vdc Collector Current − Continuous IC 600 mAdc. PNP SILICON TRANSISTOR UNISONIC TECHNOLOGIES CO. Transistor 2n5551 equivalent datasheet.

A: Yes schematic, equivalent, application notes, replacement, manual, datasheet in equivalent pdf, Our product technical engineer will help you on the 5551( G1) pinout equivalent information cross reference. 2n5551 transistor 2n5551 transistor replacement 2n5551 transistor equivalent 2n5551 transistor applications 2n5551 transistor circuit 2n5551 transistor pin configuration transistor 2n5551 substituto 2n5551 npn transistor datasheet pdf transistor 2n5551 caracteristicas transistor 2n5551 reemplazo The D880 Transistor is a Low Frequency Power. 0 Features: • NPN Silicon Planar Switching Transistors. 2N5551 - Find the PDF Datasheet OEM , Specifications Distributor Information. 2N5551 Datasheet - NPN Amplifier - Fairchild 2N5551 equivalent, 2N5551 pdf, MMBT5551 datasheet, 2N5551 pinout, ic, output, data, circuit 2N5551 schematic.

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CLASSIFICATION OF h FE( IRank Range 64- 91 ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS unless otherwise specified). The 2N5551 is manufactured in a plastic TO- 92 case. When looking at the flat side with the leads pointed downward, the three leads emerging from the transistor are, from left to right, the emitter, base, and collector leads. 2n3904 small signal npn transistor preliminary data silicon epitaxial planar npn transistor to- 92 package suitable for through- hole pcb assembly the pnp complementary type is 2n3906 applications well suitable for tv and home appliance equipment small load switch transistor with. 2N2222A Small Signal Switching Transistor NPN Silicon Features • MIL− PRF− 19500/ 255 Qualified • Available as JAN, JANTX, and JANTXV MAXIMUM RATINGS ( TA = 25° C unless otherwise noted) Characteristic Symbol Value Unit Collector− Emitter Voltage VCEO 50 Vdc Collector− Base Voltage VCBO 75 Vdc Emitter− Base Voltage VEBO 6.

transistor 2n5551 equivalent datasheet

2N5550 2N5551 2N5400 2N5401 2N5550 2N5551 transistor equivalent 2n5551 st 2n5551 st2n5551 transistor 2n5550 transistor 2n5551 st2n5401: N5551B. Abstract: tr 5551 2N5551 SOT23 2n5551 BR 5551 2N5551 circuit 2N5551BU BR N 5551 Text: 2N5551 - MMBT5551 NPN General Purpose Amplifier April 2N5551 - MMBT5551 NPN General, discharge display drivers. The 2N3904 is a common NPN bipolar junction transistor used for general- purpose low- power amplifying or switching applications.